Lining Paper 1200 Grade Double Roll


Lining Paper 1200 Grade Double RollSKU: RDL12D


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Protect and prepares older plaster in good condition for paint or wallpaper. Will cover and smooth over small defects.

  • Smooths Out Walls Prior to Painting or Overhanging with Decorative Wallpaper

  • Excellent Base Surface

  • Allows Walls to Breathe

  • Easy to use

  • Contains no PVC or Fibreglass

  • Uses Paper from Well Managed Sources

Recommended Adhesive(s): use a good quality adhesive mixed to the manufacturers instructions or a ready mixed product.
Application: Paste the Paper
Roll Length: 20.0 m (66.0 ft)
Roll Width: 56.0 cm (22.0 in)